Open Caption: Parks and Rec

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Wow, everyone. I'm thrilled that Open Caption plays as big a role in your life as it does in mine. But remember, we are all winners here. All of us. But these winners from yesterday's contest are just a little more winner-y than the rest of us, if only for today.

From Procrastinator:
Cam: Jay, size always matters.

From Arch_Angel88:
Cameron: "Oh, Jay, that's precious. I'll never forget the Christmas my parents got me a gift wrapped in an adorably tiny box."
Jay: "Jewelry?"
Cameron: "No, my first clown nose."

From crazylegs99:
Cam: So there I was, emotionally vulnerable, with unshed tears in my eyes, and you know what Mitchell did?? He walked away like I didn't exist. Your son is a horse's a—what's in the box, Jay?
Jay: The world's tiniest violin.

From AnimeMadness:
Every kiss begins with Jay.

Today's Image: Parks and Rec
Looks like the whole crew is getting into the holiday spirit tonight, though some of them seem more excited than others. My question for you: Is Ron happy, angry, or simply non-plussed about gingerbread houses? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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