Open Caption: Parks and Rec Goes Bowling

I'm really moved by how many people entered yesterday's Open Caption contest. You might say I'm touched. And, now that the terrible puns are out of the way, here are the winners:

From darkitp:
Kiefer: The CTU asked me to Integrate you and Torture you if I have to. Now, tell me where the drugs are, and who are you working for?
Touch Director: CUT. Oops, I think we made a mistake and gave you an old 24 script!

From Thantheman:
"What's that behind your ear? Why, if it isn't a piece of bionuclear anthrax!"

From Mate:
You know, if what happened to my last TV kid is of any indication, we better get you a bulletproof vest, some karate lessons, a gas mask, and a Glock.

Today's Image: Parks and Rec
Don't want to toot my own horn, but you could say I'm an award-winning bowler. I take the sport very seriously. And why do I get the feeling Tom Haverford does, too? Do you think he has fabulous catchphrases for when he gets a strike, a split, or a turkey? I know I do. Treat yo' self and us with your best caption ideas in the comments!

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