Open Caption: Parks and Recreation

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Let's clear something up: We do not currently accept bribes or have any secret trysts with with any Open Caption contestants. This is not to say that we would never accept bribes, especially if they were to arrive in the form of baked goods. (I'm partial to snickerdoodles.) Got it? Good. Let's move on, then, to congratulating the winners of yesterday's contest!

From AamesDaniels:
David Cross: If I blue myself could I get your vote?

From DavidJackson8 :
Phil: "Ooohhh, sorry. We already promised our vote to Mrs. Featherbottom."

From Crazy-for-TV:
Phil: "You have time to run for city councilman? Don't you have to track down Alvin and the Chipmunks, to sponge off their talented little voices?"

Honorable mention:
From Arch_Angel88:
"Can you believe Geek_Queen won the Open Caption contest AGAIN?"

Today's Image: Parks and Recreation
Tonight, Leslie sports her fire-making badge while Ron... levitates a wooden spoon. Now have at it!

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