Open Caption: Portlandia's Brunch Special

We finally made it to Friday, everybody. Give yourselves a pat on the back. I hope ya'll did your morning stretches—gotta get nice and loose for the weekend! Maybe you should do a little stretching while you review the winners from yesterday's contest:

From FringeFanatic:

Lilly: "Jane, stop trying to explode the ketchup with your mind! ... Wait until Daddy's girlfriend gets here."

From DavidJackson8:

Lilly: "Um, why isn't daddy moving?"
Jane: "Uh oh. The TV is showing the Emmy nominations for best comedy..."

From smithinjapan:
Louie: "I'm just gonna take this ketchup and drown myself in it."
Lilly: "Told you he couldn't hack it, Jane."

Today's Image: Portlandia

This show has clearly given Portland quite a lot of attention, which is something that Portlanders would prefer not to have, quite frankly. But it's too late! Let the hipster invasion begiiiiin! Anyway, this weekend's episode is going to be pretty epic because it's all about brunch. And brunch is pretty epic. In it, a new restaurant opens up in Portland, which leads to mass chaos as hoards of Portlanders flock to it. In the still below, Feminist bookstore owners Candace (L) and Toni (R) prepare to physically remove the pedestrians waiting in line for brunch. Post your best caption ideas in the comments.

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