Open Caption: Pretty Little Fibbers

Uh oh, it seems we may have had a technical error affect our Open Caption submissions yesterday. What terrible luck for our first day back! It appears that due to some site maintenance, a number of comments disappeared into the ether, leaving us with 9 options to choose from. Please accept my sincere apologies to those of you whose submissions were affected! It's unlikely to happen again, but the show must go on, so here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From sasou82:
Fanny: "Listen, Rory..."
Sasha: "Rory? Who's Rory? My name is Sasha."
Fanny (yelling): "Lorelai! Come get your daughter, she's giving me a headache!"

From Taccado:

Fanny: "Didn't you listen to my rules at all? No lesbian sex in the dressing room! This isn't Black Swan."

From Montana_Katana:

"Wow, for ballerinas, those girls have astoundingly poor posture."

Today's Image: Pretty Little Liars

For some reason, most of our favorite scripted Tuesday night shows are taking a break this week, which leaves us with a lot of reality, teen shows, and the Olympics. I flipped a three-sided coin and decided to feature a teen show. It's better than reality, right? Tonight's episode of PLL leads Spencer and Aria to a party where they're forced to play a game of Truth or Dare in front of Jenna. In the still below, Aria gives Spencer the dead-eyes as the two embrace in front of some blonde who isn't Hanna. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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