Open Caption: Pretty Little Liars

It was a close call between first and second, but the winners for yesterday's contest were chosen loudly and clearly with the first place submission garnering a whopping 13 likes. Not too shabby! Here they are:

From jkpop_07:

Stiles: "Do you find me attractive?"
Mechanic: "I'm not gay."
Stiles: "I didn't ask about your sexual prefrence! I need to know if you think I'm good looking!"

From FringeFanatic:

Mechanic: "Are these... claw marks?"
Stiles (sighs): "No! That's crazy talk! Here, have a Reese's."

From Taccado:
Stiles: "Are all car mechanics as fit as you?"
Mechanic: "No, just the ones who are hired to attract female viewers for TV shows."

Today's Image: Pretty Little Liars

Time to check back in on our favorite little fibbers. In tonight's episode, aptly titled "Kingdom of the Blind," the girls try to pull the wool over Jenna's eyes. That shouldn't be too hard, right? Meanwhile Spencer does a background check on Garrett, and Emily is confronted by some shocking test results. In the still below, girl-next-door-no-more Hanna (L) and caught-off-guard Aria (R) react to Emily and Spencer over a surprisingly healthy lunch offering from a school cafeteria. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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