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Open Caption: Punk'd

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Did you miss me? It's hard to get through those dark, cold nights in anticipation for the next morning's Open Caption results, isn't it? You poor things. Anticipate no longer, for I have arrived! And I haven't even had my coffee, yet. That's because you come first, you guys. You come first. Here are the winning captions from yesterday's contest:

From heartzkidnapper:

Brad: "I will never use Old Spice again!"

From kickdoor:

Ellis: "Me and Charlie Day have an open relationship. Hint, hint."
Wayans: "Maybe you should close it. Hint, hint."

From Geek_Queen:

Brad: "Why can't she just leaf me alone?"

Today's Image: Punk'd

How could we not go with this show today? The fact that it exists is joke enough, but now that Bieber's hosting? Somebody shake me from this pop culture nightmare. (I'm sure Ashton isn't gleaming, either). In tonight's season premiere, victims include Taylor Swift and Rob Dyrdek. In the still below, Lauren Conrad (right) reacts to the big reveal: Surprise! Dax Shepard (left) totes pranked you, guurrl. I actually have no idea if Conrad's bit is part of tonight'sis from this season—and let's face it—we're probably never going to Open Caption this show again. So let's have fun with it while it lasts! Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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