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Open Caption: Revenge Hits the Home Stretch

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I see you guys don't take too kindly to Glee captions. Duly noted! Hopefully today's photo will be more pleasing to your brains. Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From wind_shadow:

Finn: "Who has a problem that can be solved with a musical montage?"
Mike: *sigh*
Santana: "Really? Another one??"

From qbe_64:

"An asian, a hispanic and a caucasian walk into a bar.
They order rice, tacos and a sense of entitlement over other cultures, respectively."
Mike: "It's too loud in here! They need to turn down the stereo-type!"

From Homerman92:

Finn: "What? Three seasons and we've already run out of songs?!"

Today's Image: Revenge

This is it, you guys, the final episode—the events that have warranted a whole season's worth of build up—will finally air tonight. In "Reckoning," Emily aims to enter her final phase for revenge against all who wronged her father, turning her attention to the "white-haired man" while the Graysons slowly destroy themselves. It wouldn't be a finale without a twist, though, so prepare for an explosive event that could throw everyone off course. (I already can't wait for Season 2). In the still below, Nolan and Emily get tied up in a very delicate position. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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