Open Caption: Ringer's Renewed Vows

Thank you to yesterday's commenters for coming out of the woodwork and participating in the Open Caption! I love it when the comment count is high enough to make my job harder. So many choices. So little time. Here are your winners from yesterday's contest. I think at least one of you will be very pleased:

From FringeFanatic:

"Always the bridesmaid... never the bride."

From WillianStein:

Ted: "And that is how I became your mother."

From Knuester:

Ted: "There is no St. Patricia's day in Ireland, is there?"

Today's Image: Ringer

It's the season finale tonight, so let's do this and let's do it right. In this episode, aptly titled, "I'm The Good Twin," before Bridget renews her vows as Siobhan, she realizes that must tell Andrew who she really is—but will Henry spill the beans to Bridget about Siobhan? In the still below, it appears that Bridget (far right) has decided to go through with the whole vow-renewal thing with Andrew while his daughter, Juliet (far left), watches from the sidelines. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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