Open Caption: Royal Pains in the Dead

So I just realized that I totally missed the memo on Summer Solstice this year. June 21st came and went so sneakily! But now it means the days are getting shorter... and... well, winter is coming. Where's Ned Stark when you need him? Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:

Emily: "My girlfriend was brutally murdered, but all I got was this lousy tank top."

From sasou82:

Emily: "A wifebeater just for me? Okay, I'm straight now!"
Maya's Cousin: "Works every time!"

From EduardoFernz:
Emily: "Had my first time with this T-shirt. Hmm, weird, I rembered having it with sleeves. Don't remember much about that night."

Today's Image: Royal Pains

Okay, guys, HERE WE GO. This photo has some serious captioning potential, so I'm counting on you! In tonight's episode, "Dawn of the Med," a couple that Hank's helping out decides to throw one of those fundraisers where the guests all show up as zombies. I know, right? Where do I sign? Meanwhile, Evan meets an intriguing scientist with a secretive past, Eddies heads to the Hamptons to settle a family feud, and Divya connects with her momma. But let's get back to that zombie thing—in the still below, Hank takes a second to do the zommmbie dance (a clear derivative of the monster mash). Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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