Open Caption: Royal Pains, Polo Style

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You came, you conquered, and—with any luck—you'll come and you'll conquer again today. And tomorrow, and the next day—and for the rest of ETERNITY! [Insert some kind of off-putting laugh]. Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Myosotis:

Ryan: "Could this BE any more awkward?"

From FringeFanatic:

Ryan: "So, are you supposed to be the Abed of the bunch?"
Gymnast guy: "No, I'd say I'm more of a Shirley."
Ryan: "Riiiiiiiiiight..."


Ryan: "Who's the weird guy on my left?"
Gymnast guy: "I'm the equivalent of Zach Galifianakis on an NBC budget."

Today's Image: Royal Pains

It feels like we've always got this show up for Open Caption, I know, but if you check out the line-up for what's on TV tonight I think the realization of why that is will come to you immediately. In tonight's "Who's Your Daddy," Hank treats a polo player (not the water kind, the equestrian kind) who, despite a dangerous ailment, just won't quit. In the still below, Divya, Wes (Hank's client), Hank, and Rafa (another polo player, in case you couldn't tell by the get-up) stand around doing—actually I have no idea what they're doing. That's your job! Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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