Open Caption: South Park's Sarcastaball

You guys are killin' it with these caption suggestions. Let's keep up the good work! Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:

Schmidt: " Check out my new designer kangaroo leather boxers..."
Winston: "Douche Bag Jar."

From LisaFrankel:

Schmidt: "No, dude this is EXACTLY how they did it on Project Runway."

From wind_shadow:

Schmidt: "Do you think this outfit is too trashy?"
Winston: "Well, I see your sense of humor is on par with your sense of style...."

Today's Image: South Park

We are DOIN' IT: We are captioning South Park. Parodying what's essentially already a parody of everything just feels so META, you know? It feels good, don't deny it. In tonight's episode, "Sarcastaball" Randy changes the rules to football to avoid head-injuries... and the sport that comes out of it becomes wildly popular. In the still below, the boys are suited up for Sarcastaball battle. From left to right it's Kenny, Butters, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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