Open Caption: Suits Up

I only caught Part 1 of the Dallas premiere last night, but yeeehaw—fans are in for one hell of a soapy summer show, let me tell ya. I did enjoy the scenery, though. Ranches are great! But the moment John Ross met Margaret in the ON THE STAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DALLAS COWBOYS' STADIUM I was tossing eye-rolls all over the place. Who does that? Nobody. That's who. "Alright, well, thanks for meeting me in my secret place, I guess we can be going now. Uh, oh, excuse me, no, no, you can leave that way, I'll go the other way. It's more dramatic like that." Okay, I'll quit whining and hand over your winners from yesterday's contest now:

From Taccado:

Elena: "I was hopping for baby oil, but we can wrestle in this too."

From Geek_Queen:

Elena:: "How'd you do it?"
John Ross:: "I was just shootin' at some food and then, boom, black gold, Texas tea."

From skyermay00:

"TV's second highest rated love triangle centered around an Elena."

Today's Image: Suits

Hellooo, summer season premiere! In tonight's episode, "She Knows," Mike closes a huge deal at the firm but risks exposing his secret as a result. And Harvey gets nervous about protecting said secret when Jessica's ex...partner shows up to pay her a visit. In the still below, Harvey and Jessica stand side-by-side in a graveyard—at a funeral, I suspect. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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