Open Caption: Supernatural

You know, this It's Always Sunny... image and your captions reminded me that supermarkets—and markets in general, really—always make for the best people watching. Kudos, Open Captioners! Here are the winner's from yesterday's contest:

From notabene14:
Sweet Dee: "WHAT??? your aunt's roommate makes $78 an hour on the internet without leaving her apartment???"
Charlie: "This is insane!! Do you have to be some kind of genius? Like do you have to know how to read and stuff?"

From Miz_Tasha:
Never thought my deadliest catch would find me here!

From notabene14:
Sweet Dee: "Oh my god, Charlie, these kittens mittens are selling like crazy!"
Charlie: "'Smitten for Kittens Mittens?' That doesn't even make sense!"

From Arch_Angel88:
The gang reacts to seeing two crazed old women fighting over the last package of snickerdoodles.

Today's Image: Supernatural
What are Sam and Dean discussing in this picture? A bloody art installation and the role of shock value in art, perhaps? Submit your best caption ideas in the comments!

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