Open Caption: Teen Wolf

So we meet again, Open Captioners. We hit the jackpot with over 80 caption submissions over the weekend, and I've used your "likes" to determine the winner. It's all about the people's choice up in here! So here are your winners from Friday's contest:

From FringeFanatic:

Ben: "Playing Halo did NOT prepare me for this!"

From Geek_Queen:

Ben: "Dad, the commercial lied. There's no rainbow-colored candy inside!"
Dad (sighs): "They were talking about Skittles, son, not Skitters."

From Yaspaa:
Ben: "Dang! Should have cut the blue wire."

Today's Image: Teen Wolf

Time for Teen Wolf again! In tonight's episode, "Abomination," Scott seeks out Allison to try to pull information about this new reptillian monster that's been running amuck in town. And Boyd, the newest werewolf on the block, decides to join the lacrosse team. Werewolves need hobbies, too! In the still below, Stiles (L) confronts his mechanic (R), who's overcharging him for all sorts of unfamiliar sounding parts his car "needs." ...Little do they know there's something lurking, and it's noooot a werewolf. Eek. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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