Open Caption: Terra Nova

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Happy Halloween y'all! While you were writing all those brilliant captions, I finally finished my costume! Anyway, here are the winners from this weekend's Open Caption contest:

From AelHoffman:
"The International Evil Super Spy Open is upon us once again, and I am set to win it."

From JamesButko:
Chuck: "Guys, turn off those Sony flatscreen TVs, we need to put on our Nike running shoes, grab a $5 footlong, and play tennis with our high-quality Wilson tennis rackets."
Casey: "Ugh, this is giving me a headache. Pass me some good-old Advil so my headache can be gone in a flash."

From JulzAlbig:
"And after we dispatch all the villains with this baby, we can take it home and make mashed potatoes, Benny & Joon-style."

From bmill2:
Sarah: "Chuck, I know you don't like guns, but I don't think making a tennis racket the Carmichael Industries weapon of choice is going to help business."

Today's Image: Terra Nova
Terra Nova returns tonight after taking a week off, and from the look of things, Jim, Washington, Zoe, and Elisabeth will be trying to figure out if it was an Ankylosaurus or a golden goose who laid this massive egg. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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