Open Caption: Terra Nova

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First, I want to let you all know that this may very well be our last week of Open Caption contests until the new year. The reason? Not a lot of new TV coming out between now and then! And besides, you all deserve a break—this is hard work! And if any of you are interested, I'll be offering an Open Caption Writing Boot Camp course over the holiday break. It'll involve lots of burpees, sit-ups, TV-watching and pun fabrication. More details soon. For now, let's congratulate the winners of this weekend's contest:

From jaynashvil:
Hank (interrupting guy in tank top): We'd love to hear more about how you catch catfish with your bare hands, but about this explosion...

From CurlyMC:
Don't suppose you pigs know a Marshal named Raylan Givens?

From Geek_Queen:
Nick: "So, Mr. Bluto, you said this all started as a fight between you and the sailor over a woman named Olive Oyl?"

Today's Image: Terra Nova
In tonight's episode, Jim gives Skye a good talkin' to. How much do you think it's because she's sassin' him over that body armor ensemble? Post your best caption ideas in the comments! And make 'em count, as this might be the last Terra Nova Open Caption EVER.

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