Open Caption: The Academy Awards

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Here it is, faithful Open Captioners of the moment you've all been waiting for. (And just because it arrives daily doesn't mean you should be stripped of your right to squirm with anticipation.) Here are the winners from yesterday's Person of Interest-themed contest:

From crazylegs99:
POI: "Who are you?"
Reese: "I'm Batma---I mean Reese. My name is Reese."

From ben45tpy:
POI: "Trading's simple. It's all about playing the numbers."
Reese: "I've seen your number. It doesn't look good."

From shre123:
POI: "You just wait till we get back home. I'll show you! The guy you're working for used to be on this crazy show about some island that can move and sh*t!"

Today's Image: The 84th Annual Academy Awards

Oh yeah, I went there. If the Oscars are going to make my life harder by shutting down one of the biggest through-streets in Hollywood three days before the event airs live on television, then I'm going to take every possible opportunity to jab at it. Besides, making fun of celebrities is fun! People make a living off this stuff! And you're going to need some practice if you're still thinking about kicking off that celeb-bashing blogging career you keep talking about.

Anyway, though I love Billy Crystal, I'm already getting a kick out of all the things he must be thinking about the other Academy Award participants... Especially as he's running down the street, panicked, in this promo shot below. Post your best caption ideas in the comments! And keep an eye out for Price's photo recap of the ceremony this Monday, February 27!

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