Open Caption: The Bachelorette on the Waterfront

Oh HEYO! You guys dropped 74 caption suggestions on my doorstep over the weekend and I couldn't be happier. Teen Wolf FTW. Though it looks like I made a factual error when describing the still—the character pictured is Jackson, not Stiles. So sorry about that! They just look so... similar... in the moonlight, ya know? Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From FringeFanatic:

Jackson: "ARR! I should have worn a Deep-V!"

From olwyn11:

Jackson: "Check out my abs mermaids! Oh yeah, they're real."

From ToddMurray:
Jackson: "That's okay... when my girlfriend's all doped up on Valium, she confuses me with Stiles, too."

Today's Image: The Bachelorette

Again with the reality, I know. But it's Emily Maynard! She has a charming southern accent and a bunch of wacky potential baby daddies to choose from! What could go wrong? In tonight's episode, the boys go boating. How upper class of them. In the still below, Emily is surrounded by—from left to right—Jef (with one F—which totally suits his "I'm a hip, skateboarding entrepreneur who supports charities for starving children on the side" persona), Kalon (aka: "helicopter guy," aka: why is he still around?), Ryan (the cocky pro sports trainer), and Arie (the race car driver who steals kisses from Emily in front of the other dudes). Also, they're cheering for something! Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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