I imagine the best kind of stakeout is the kind of stakeout that echoes a fifth-grade sleepover: Shawn and Gus are sleeping sounder than I do on a daily basis. Maybe I should consider a career overhaul and team up with law enforcement. Thoughts? Meanwhile, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

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From chas031:

"The Psych weekly think tank:"

From milkhaswings:

"Cause of Death: Delicious flavor."

From qbe_64:

Gus: "I six the pizza."
Shawn: "I seven the pizza."
Gus: "I eight the pizza."
Shawn: "You son of a bitch, I knew you ate my pizza!"

Today's Image: The Big Bang Theory

In tonight's episode, "The Weekend Vortex," Sheldon abides by the orthodox tradition known as "bros before hos" and chooses to host a video game party with his buddies instead of joining Amy for her Aunt's birthday. That's not going to come back to haunt him, right? In the still below, it appears that it has. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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