Open Caption: The Falling Skies Finale

Happy Friday, loyal captioners! And a very non-happy Friday to those of you who aren't loyal. I'm kidding. I think. Anyway, today's winner won by a landslide. Kudos, even though it's, you know, kind of gross. Who's ready for another round!? Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From MicahSmith3:

Wilfred: "Can I have the placenta when you are done?"

From smithinjapan:

Catherine: "Okay, Ryan, I'm pushing her head down. You outstretch her arms and Wilfried can play with the legs. We'll make a photographic pose yet."


Kristen: "This pregnancy is so stressful! And why am I now seeing a bird that talks to me?"
Catherine: "There, there sweetie. It's okay. I have a cat that talks to me. And Wilfred talks to Ryan all the time, doesn't he Ryan?"
Ryan: "NO! He doesn't talk to me, that's just crazy! You two are both CRAZY!"
Wilfred: "Dick move, bro...."

Today's Image: Falling Skies

Everything hangs in the balance as the skitters draw closer to the resistance and Tom discovers information that will lead to a dangerous decision for the 2nd Mass. Will anybody make it out of the second season finale alive? I'm thinking probably. But let's prepare ourselves for the worst, regardless. In the still below, Anne and Lourdes share a moment over somethi—what is that thing they're touching? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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