Open Caption: The Inbetweeners

Everyone please give yourselves an endless number of self-fives for all of your submissions last Friday. Your mental creativity (and, sometimes, lunacy) never ceases to astound me. Here are the winners from Friday's contest:

From MicahSmith3:

Anne: "Don't forget to pack your copy of 50 Shades of Grey Aliens."

From safibwana:

"Palmolive dishwashing liquid softens your hands while you do the dishes."


Anne: "Skitter Ouija anyone?"

Today's Image: The Inbetweeners

Nerd-alert Will has high hopes of climbing to the top of the social ladder now that he's got the chance to start fresh at a brand new school, but when the Vice Principal pairs him with three guys who sit squarely in the middle of that social ladder, Will must learn how to carry on through High School as a... regular High Schooler. In the still below, Simon (the one with the spray can) attempts to tell a girl he loves her by spraying her driveway with ink. Behind him, from left to right: Jay, Will, and Neil. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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