Open Caption: The Middle

If you've already caught a case of the mid-week blues, suggesting caption ideas on TV stills has been known to help. It's true, ask your doctor! And then check out your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Noobs21:

Winston: "Just because you look like Mark Ruffalo, doesn't mean you can Hulk out, Nick."

From Taccado:

Nick: "I can't take it any more! This is the end, I'm dying of thirst out here!'"
Winston: "Relax, we left the car just two minutes ago."

From JT_Kirk:

Nick: "Even out here, we can still see Zooey's new iPhone ad! "Is that rain?" Of course it's ***ing rain, there's a window right there!!"
Winston and Schmidt: "Hey, so we free of that commercial, yet?"
Nick: "NOOOOOO!!!"

Today's Image: The Middle

I'm not sure if I've ever offered this show up for caption, so it's about time I did. In tonight's episode, "The Clover," Brick undergoes a slew of bad luck after finding a four-leaf clover. How unfortunate! Meanwhile, Axl does his best to maintain his High School appearance of "lady's man" after he accidentally invites a super weird girl to prom. #highschoolproblems. In the still below, Axl (left) offers a handshake to Darrin (middle) and Sean (right). Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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