Open Caption: The Walking Dead

Okay! With a belly full of snickerdoodles (impressive dedication, Open Captioners!) I will now, without bias, award these entries the winners of Thursday's contest.

From Coling12:
Ron: "I earned my first fire badge just before my eighth birthday. Coincidentally, my mustache began to grow in the next morning."

From JulzAlbig:
Kids, this wooden spoon needs to be treated with fear and respect. I have been spanked with it by all three Tammies.

From chas031:
Ron: When facing an angry bear, a spoonful of honey can save your life. Simply apply the honey to the person nearest to you and run like hell!

Today's Image: The Walking Dead
You smell that? Yeah, it totally smells undead. What do you think this group of hooligans is up to in this image from Sunday's Walking Dead season premiere?

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