Open Caption: The Walking Dead

Remember the time I led Parks and Recreation fans astray by suggesting there'd be a new, exciting episode when there wasn't? I do, because it was yesterday, and I'm terribly disappointed in myself. As you mull over whether or not to forgive me, please enjoy these winning captions from yesterday's contest:

From movieblogger:
Dave: "So... have you traveled to the Whiz Palace lately?"

From Loooooooooooost:
Dave: "I'm not supposed to be here right now... I'll come back next week."

[Ed. Note: Nice.]

From Miz_Tasha:
Dave: "Leslie, I need a clear answer. If I get the raspberry cheesecake, will you have some?"

Today's Image: The Walking Dead

It's baaaaaack! (It really is.) The Walking Dead returns Sunday with "Nebraska," an episode that will apparently feature Shane (Jon Bernthal) sitting and thinking about a few things. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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