Open Caption: Those Bloody Workaholics

Here's a truth I hold to be self-evident: Due to the holiday tomorrow, there will be no Open Caption contest. A girl's gotta celebrate, after all. But we'll be back on Thursday so there's no need to fret. And it gives you double the time to think of an amazing caption for today's photo. Everyone's a winner! Well, until I actually choose the winners. And speaking of winners, here are the victors from yesterday's contest:

From Geek_Queen:

Zane: "C'mon, Holly, just choose already."
Holly: "Ugh! How do you expect me to choose between Kirk and Picard?"

From JT_Kirk:

Holly: "It's like Godfather 3—I try to get out, but they pull me back in!"
Zane: "Holly, everybody in Eureka has been killed and resurrected at least once by now, don't blow it so out of proportion, huh?"

From Ozlex11:
Zane's thoughts: "I'd be excited about disappearing from the universe as well... if I was wearing that outfit."

Today's Image: Workaholics

In tonight's episode, "The Meat Jerking Beef Boys," everybody's favorite team of lazy-arse working class boys still living in their self-created fratmosphere decides to take a shot at cultivating their very own beef jerky business. Because that sounds like a good idea. Their entrepreneurial timing is off, though, because Der's dad decides to make a spontaneous visit—and Der's incessant attempt to prove he's the son his father always wanted, along with his friends' incessant incompetence, may end up tearing the group apart. In the still below, Blake (L) and Adam (R) have just started butchering their first beef jerky candidate while Der watches off-screen. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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