Open Caption: Warehouse 13's Don't Ask Alice

70 submissions and another landslide win? I am "lit-rally" beaming with pride this morning. Soak up your awesomeness as you check out the winners from Friday's contest:

From FringeFanatic:

Bill: "I'm awful."


Bill: "We will destroy the humans with our superhuman strength and speed and agility, the ability to glamour and maybe even the power of flight in some cases... But each take a gun, just in case!"


Bill: "I won't eat my 'vegetarians' and you can't make me!"

Today's Image: Warehouse 13

In tonight's "Fractures," the murderous spirit of Alice Liddell is freed after a Lewis Carroll book goes missing from the warehouse. Creepy! In the still below, Alice (in Kristen's body) exchanges words with what appears to be a caterer. Is she looking for the Queen of Hearts? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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