Open Caption: Weeds

Way to kick off the weekend with a bang! A bunch of you came out of the woodwork to submit your captions, and I'm going to pretend it's not because I totally pulled an "American" and tried to Americanize a Canadian show by associating the word "blue" and the "cops" theme with America, not Canada. Har, har. Clearly, I was grasping straws in my attempt to stick to my Fourth of July theme, but in fairness, I never meant to imply that the characters weren't representing the maple-leafed flag. I was just making mindless word associations. I mean, last night's episode was about domestic abuse! It's a good thing I didn't associate that with Canada, right? Pretty please? I heart our northern neighbors? I'm just so sorry! Groveling aside, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From FringeFanatic:

Man: "I don't believe it!"
Chris: "Calm down, sir! Canadian cops also wear blue uniforms. You're just going to have to accept that."

From Montana_Katana:

Neighborhood Slapsies Competition: Chris–0, Live wire–7

From BDRegan:
Chris: "No, no, no. You gotta put 'em up higher. It has to look like a "Y." Damn... I'm never going to find a replacement construction worker for the group."

Today's Image: Weeds

Can we all agree that marijuana is American?

I'm joking, obviously. Americans hate drugs. Or—I don't even know anymore. I'm having an American identity crisis. WHO ARE WE? At least this is the last day you'll have to deal with my pathetic Fourth of July thematics. Onward and upward! Let's get back to today's photo: It's from Weeds. Sunday night's episode is called "A Beam of Sunshine" and in it Andy will finally tell Jill how he feels about her, only to get interrupted by her husband. Silas decides to embark on a new business venture, and Doug starts eyeing an investment opportunity. Nancy, of course, is still in recovery, but she gets plenty of visitors to keep her company. In the still below, she sits with Silas... making... bake sale cookies? Is that Silas's new business idea? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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