Open Caption: White Collar

Wow, you guys really rally for Warehouse 13. Can't say I didn't see that coming, but it doesn't make me any less pleased! Before you check out the winners from yesterday's Warehouse 13 photo, I want to give all you regulars a quick heads up: Open Caption (i.e. ME) is about to go on vacation, so tomorrow's edition will be the last until Monday, August 6. I'm giving YOU the option to choose whether or not you'd like me to post a fresh photo tomorrow even though the winners won't be recognized for over a week, OR if you'd like me to just post the winners tomorrow and start fresh with a new photo to caption upon my return. If none of you have a preference, I'll decide! Now here are the winners from yesterday's contest, finally!:

From ZeroCals:

Artie: "Alright. If I use this artifact, SyFy's programming will return to its SciFi origins. There won't be anymore reality tv, cooking shows, or even wresting on the channel."
Claudia: "What's the downside?"
Artie: "...more SyFy original movies."
Claudia: "Dear God! What do we do??"

From Dilligaf:

Artie: "Does that say, 'property of Marty McFly?'"

From mad-pac:
Claudia: "Hurry up, Artie."
Artie: "I would type faster if I hadn't lost the other fingers in the explosion."

Today's Image: White Collar

In tonight's "Diminishing Returns," the guys track a thief who has managed to avoid getting targeted by the FBI for years. Luckily Neal and Peter know just where to find him—at a Country Club, of course! That's where all the schemers hang out, duh. In the still below, Peter challenges David Cook to a friendly game of squash. Because physical exhaustion leads to emotional exhaustion and emotional exhaustion leads to the TRUTH! Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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