Open Caption: Work It

We made it, Captionistas! Welcome to 2012! I know that during the last few weeks, while you drank eggnog and re-gifted fruitcakes, in the back of your mind you were wondering, "Who won that Terra Nova Open Caption contest?" Well, with the new year comes answers to your burning questions. Without further ado, here are the winners from last YEAR's last contest:

From JamesButko:
Jim: Well Taylor, it's been fun.
Taylor: Yeah, it kind of reminded me of Avatar.
Jim: You mean with the strange wildlife, unfamiliar lands, and being a military leader?
Taylor: No, I meant with all the cliches.

From Arch_Angel88:
After learning of Terra Nova's impending cancellation, Jim and Taylor make a pact to feed all the writers to a ravenous pack of Velociraptors.

From Menzca:
Jim: Great season.
Taylor: Yeah. Twelve episodes written by monkeys. Never been done.

From Writerpatrick:
"So long, and thanks for all the fish."

From docspector:
And with a handshake, the two pioneers agreed to go back in time and make sure that Terra Nova was never produced.

Today's Image: Work It
It's my New Year's Resolution to give all new shows at least one chance to blow me away. And so, I'll definitely be tuning in to figure out what's going on in this premiere episode of Bosom Buddi--er, I mean, Work It. Are these dudes-dressed-as-ladies on some sort of daytime talk show? Drinking blue martinis? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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