Operation Bartowski Parties Down at Chuckfest This Weekend

Chuck fans could be pretty good spies themselves: The diehard devotees of NBC’s action-comedy series know how to get the job done. They saved the show when NBC wasn’t set to renew, in part by orchestrating a campaign to support Subway, a prominent Chuck advertiser. Now fan-run portal site We Heart Chuck is putting on its own Chuck premiere, complete with appearances by most of the show's cast.

"I'm hard-pressed to think of other shows that have fans who mobilize this way," Zachary Levi, the show's lead actor, told TV.com. "It's only appropriate and fitting that we are able to take some time to go and hang out with these people who love and support us and are so passionate about our jobs and our survival."

To coincide with the show's Season 3 premiere, CHUCKfest kicks off this Saturday in Los Angeles with a Wii Golf tournament (and cast meet and greet) and continues Sunday with a viewing party at the House of Blues. Eats will be provided, naturally, by Subway. Proceeds from the event benefit the Los Angeles and San Diego chapters of the American Heart Association.

Chuck returns with a two-hour premiere this Sunday, January 10 at 9pm on NBC.

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