Oprah and Hermes: The girl, the gold watch, and everything

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Hermes, the Parisian luxury store that caters to the super-wealthy, angered a member of its target market when it denied entry to television host Oprah Winfrey. The talk show host, who was recently named the most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine, wanted to buy a watch for singing legend Tina Turner, whom she was meeting for dinner.

The New York Post quickly insinuated that Hermes denied entry to Winfrey because of racial issues, citing a source as saying the store had been "having trouble with North Africans lately." Spokespeople for the store strongly denied that allegation, insisting that the store had merely been closed for a PR event. Spokespeople for Winfrey said that Oprah would talk about the issue on her show when it returns in September, and that Oprah canceled an order she had placed for Hermes bags.

No word on whether Winfrey found a suitable gift for Turner.

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