Oprah Winfrey wins Freedom Award

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Oprah Winfrey--talk show host, philanthropist, and number one on the Forbes list of rich and powerful celebrities--will receive the 2005 National Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum this November.

Winfrey will be honored for her efforts to improve the plight of disadvantaged children, which include her public support of the 1993 National Child Protection Act, her role in the establishment of the U.S. database of convicted child abusers, and her advocacy for poverty-stricken children in Africa.

The museum will also recognize Paul Rusesabagina, who saved more than a thousand lives during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and civil rights activists Ruby Dee and her late husband, Ossie Davis.

Winfrey has recently made headlines over an incident at the Hermes luxury boutique in Paris, where she was refused entry last month. Employees claim that the store was closed for a private event, but Winfrey believes that she was turned away because she is black. She plans to discuss the incident on her talk show when it returns to the air in September.

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