Orphan Black: Get In Here and Discuss "Unconscious Selection"!

Some of you have made it very clear that you want more Orphan Black coverage on the site, and I do not blame you—I'm currently catching up on the series and it's great! Also great: The civilized and intelligent discussion about the show in last week's FTW vs. WTF comments, which inspired us to give you the open thread you've been asking for! So please consider this story a dedicated space to talk about this week's episode, "Unconscious Selection." 

Also: I've made it through five episodes so far and by the time you read this there's a decent chance I'll be up-to-date, so if everything lines up correctly, I will be weighing in on next week's finale. So to those of you who wandered in here and are wondering what the big deal is about this show because you haven't seen it, now would be a good time to check it out.

Alright, have at it!

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