There's no way around it: Summer is wedding season. In honor of these marital months, we've rounded up our favorite TV weddings in a two-part list. First up in Part I are the touching and beautiful unions that make you swell up with joy for the happy couple. (And here's Part II: The Crazy and the Cringeworthy!)

15. Gertrude and Al on All in the Family
This far-out ceremony is actually quite touching. And check it out, it's Billy Crystal in a one-time appearance on the show!

14. Rita and Dexter, Dexter
Supremely romantic... especially for a serial killer.

13. Emily and Richard, Gilmore Girls
After Emily and Richard renewed their vows, they showed their guests that they really know how to cut a rug.

12. Miranda and Steve, Sex and the City

There were so many SATC weddings to choose from, but we especially love this simple union between Miranda and Steve. (Please excuse the poor video quality!)

11. Phoebe and Mike, Friends
She's wacky and he's wacky, but their wedding was nothing but spur-of-the-moment sweet.

10. Amita and Charlie, Numb3rs
Even though they suffered a few rough patches, these two just couldn't be divided.

9. Melanie and Lindsey, Queer as Folk
Nearly the whole gang was in attendance for this special commitment ceremony.

8. Peyton and Lucas, One Tree Hill
Every rose has its thorn, and this relationship definitely wasn't always a bed of roses. But Peyton and Lucas finally tied the knot. (You can watch their wedding here.)

7. Rhoda and Joe, Rhoda
Those shots of Rhoda in her wedding dress in the subway are just pure brilliance. Rhoda may have best art-directed opening credits ever.

6. Rufus and Lily, Gossip Girl
Two words: Sonic Youth. Is there really anything cooler than Kim Gordon officiating your wedding?

5. Meredith and Derek, Grey's Anatomy
These two kept their vows short, sweet, and simple. And on a Post-It.

4. Joanie and Chachi, Happy Days
Featuring the two kids in love, the return of Richie, and the Fonz in a suit. Oh happy day!

3. Kevin and Scotty, Brothers and Sisters
It's hard not to tear up while watching Scotty and Kevin officially become life partners.

2. Whitley and ?, A Different World
I love surprise endings! Especially at weddings! Thank you The Graduate, for inspiring so many!

1. Jim and Pam, The Office
The vows on the Maid of the Mist were so cute! But Jim and Pam simply couldn't have gotten hitched without a little inspiration from the JK Wedding Dance video.

What are your favorite romantic and sweet TV weddings?