Out walking in the Moonlight with Sophia Myles

British actress Sophia (pronounced sof-EYE-a) Myles is adjusting to change and loving it. Like several of her fellow countrymen and countrywomen also in the acting business, the fair-haired, blue-eyed beauty landed a starring role in a new American show and left her island country for the movie- and television-making machine that is Los Angeles.

While many people would have time to mull over this sort of important, life-changing decision, Myles barely had a day to accept her role as reporter Beth Turner on one of CBS's new fan favorites, Moonlight.

"[The Moonlight producers] offered me the job, and I had 24 hours to make my decision," Myles said during a conference call with a handful of reporters. As she tells it, she was on a plane the next day and began shooting the program's pilot only three days later--not exactly a lot of time to prepare for her character.

But apparently that's the way they like it on the set of Moonlight. "The thing about Moonlight, it has really been an organic process. It evolves day in and day out. There's no 'big picture'...week to week no one knows what's going to happen. But we keep getting better." Then, clearly still overjoyed by the honor, she trumpeted the fact that Moonlight recently won the People's Choice Award for best new drama.

Her favorite aspect of the show, which follows a private detective who also happens to be a vampire, is the storytelling, particularly the love story between one person who is mortal (her character) and one who is immortal (the vampire Mick St. John).

Talk quickly shifts to the next episode, which airs this Friday and is Moonlight's last original episode in the can due to complications from the writers' strike. "Talk about leaving you hanging," says Myles, indicating that episode 12 is quite a doozy. "[It's frustrating], this being the last one we show. The story is not over and we have lots more to tell."

She then coyly addresses the issue of what happened to Coraline, played by Shannyn Sossamon (one of Myles' best friends in LA, she admits), who was last seen--err, actually, not seen--in her hospital bed and may or may not be a vampire now. After biting her tongue a bit, she can only refer to the love triangle between Beth, Mick, and Coraline, hinting that she thinks Coraline will be back (and convincing everyone on the call that even she doesn't know). "It's a bit complicated. You'll see. I love Shannon dearly. Selfishly, I don't want Shannon going, I want her at work!"

Though she has plenty of experience playing roles in vampire movies and shows (in addition to Moonlight, she played the sharp-toothed seductress Erika in the Underworld movies), Myles wasn't attracted to the roles because of the subject matter. She's not a closet Goth girl, but has found that she appreciates the occult through her work.

"I've learned about the [vampire] mythology [through working on Underworld and Moonlight]," she explains. "I play Beth as though she didn't know much about vampires. So I play her as a vehicle for people who don’t know much about vampires. I ask all the normal questions to the writers and crew, like, 'Can they have sex?'"

The topic moves toward her personal life, and she confesses that she first started acting because she had a crush on her drama teacher when she was 16. But she found she loved it, and notes Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp, and John Malkovich as some of her inspirations.

And her favorite thing about Los Angeles? Besides repeatedly praising the sunshine, this television star loves her some good Mexican food, something she doesn't get in London.

Aside from the occasional bout of homesickness (she can't get London's Pizza Express in the States), she's loving life in Los Angeles and feels absolutely lucky to be on Moonlight.

"I have no expectations [as to where the show will go]," says Myles. "I feel like I'm on this roller coaster that I didn't look at before I got on the ride. I'm on this thing and it's moving and I got a lot of adrenaline. Who knows...it can go any which way."

And that's just how Moonlight fans like it.

The final episode of Moonlight's strike-shortened season airs this Friday at 9 p.m. on CBS. For more information on the bloodsucking drama, check out TV.com's previous coverage.

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