Outlaw Is As Good As Dead

... The Jimmy Smits drama Outlaw has been putting up criminal ratings, and they're so bad that NBC has decided production on the show should stop while execs keep an eye on the next few episodes' performance. This isn't an outright cancellation, but it may as well be. One possible reason the show wasn't definitively canceled: Outlaw is the first show to come out of Conan O'Brien's production company, and NBC already has enough bad PR from the late-night debacle. Okay, now I'm just starting rumors, but it makes sense, doesn't it? [Variety]

... The cult of Glee has put its 75th song onto Billboard's Hot 100, leapfrogging some band called "The Beatles" in the rankings of 'bands with the highest number of singles that made the Hot 100.' It took The Fab Four 32 years to get 71 songs on the list; it took the cast of Glee just over a year, thanks to the fact that they don't write any original songs. Elvis Presley (with 108) and James Brown (91) still have more songs on the Hot 100. But that should change as soon as Glee creates Elvis- and James Brown-themed episodes. Ironic, isn't it? [The Live Feed]

... Former NBC murderer Ben Silverman has sold a new comedy project to his old employer. Silverman, now head of production company Electus, will executive produce Party People, about a group of adults who work at children's birthday parties. In other words, he stole Party Down's idea and slapped a new coat of paint on it... a coat of paint that's really limiting. [THR]

... Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe from 24, or as I know her, the little girl from Mr. Show's "Rap: The Musical") pretend-dated a gay man in high school... meaning that she'll guest star on Modern Family as Mitchell's former girlfriend when he was still in the closet. [TV Guide]

... The characters of Lost won't just reunite in their weird version of Heaven or whatever that was in the series finale, they'll be reuniting on... Spike TV? The man-centric network's Scream Awards will include a "Farewell Tribute to Lost," and the special bit will bring back Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Harold Perrineau (Michael), and producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. The Scream Awards will air October 19. [EW]

... NBC is going for family funnies with Man of the House, a sitcom with a Mr. Mom premise of one dad playing the role of mom to a family. Boy, this should be hilarious. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Cartoon Network has announced that the second season of super-awesome Adventure Time will premiere October 11! The press release also says that the show, about a boy's adventures with his magic dog, is tops among boys aged 2 to 11, confirming that I am indeed a toddler in an adult's body. Me want snackee now! [Cartoon Network via press release]

... You probably don't know the name Caitlin Sanchez, but you probably know her voice. Especially if you are 8 years old. Sanchez provided the voice for the title character in Dora the Explorer, and now she's suing Nickelodeon for a bazillion dollars, claiming producers exploited her and cheated her out of millions. Dora's monkey was unavailable for comment. [NY Daily News]

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