Pacific and V Free For All

This weekend everyone will be able to watch Cougar Town, V, The Pacific and more thanks to another "free pass" from Sky.

OK, we know this is just another stunt from Sky to get viewers to sign up to their most expensive packages, but they're really delivering this weekend: The giant satellite TV provider is offering another Sky Weekend Pass, running on Sky Three from April 17 to 18, to allow everyone front row seats to content that would normally run on the broadcaster’s paid-for channels. This means anyone with a freeview box can get a taste of some of Sky TV's content absolutely free, including the first episodes of new imports V and Cougar Town.

Those looking for a quiet weekend can indulge in documentaries such as Born Survivors. Sports fans can snap open the cans in front of the TV for this weekend's live Rugby Union game, and those looking for a dose of action-packed drama can watch the first episode of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's blockbuster The Pacific (which usually airs on Sky Movies, despite not actually being a film). Capturing 631,000 viewers on its British opening night, this tale of bravery and brutality has had viewers frantically punching out reviews, even if they haven’t all been that favourable.

Dexter and Hannah Montana will also be among those showcased, with UK shows Pineapple Dance Studios and Olivia Lee's Dirty Sexy Funny making their freeview debut. For a full list of shows--including non-Sky ones if you don't fancy suckling at Mr Murdoch's media teat--check out our listings page.

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