Pam Ann lands on Comedy Channel

"Pam Ann" is ever-popular on the international comedy circuit having performed private parties for Elton John, supported Cher and strutted her stuff in shows from London's West End to New York.

Even Madonna is said to be a fan. Since beginning her act in the late 1990s, "Pam Ann" has rubbed shoulder pads with the best in the biz.

"I had a lock in with Julian Clary," laughs Reid. "They locked the doors and we sat drinking until five in the morning. Love him! Risqué, fabulous and such a nice man."

"Pam Ann" is the creation of former Melbourne gal Caroline Reid, whose over-the-top character decked out in 1960s airline attire is rude, camp and popular with gay audiences.

In her new self-titled Foxtel variety show, it's evident that Reid learned her craft from Melbourne drag queens. Her routine is peppered with innuendo, in-your-face flamboyance and audience participation.

"What were you expecting? Good News Week? What do you want The Footy Show? I'm gonna get accused of being 'too gay'," she says.

"It's a variety-chat show set on a plane. It just gets more and more gay as the episodes go on. We've even got Pam's People dancers."

Numerous celebs will appear on the show ready to be probed and parodied including Peter Morrissey, Jonathan Coleman, Leo Sayer, Julia Morris, Simon Burke, Dr Cindy Pan, Tania Zaetta plus special appearances from Dannii Minogue, Bob Downe, Tina Arena and Darren Hayes.

"I love Gerry Connolly, he plays The Queen," says Pam. "It's one of the most twisted shows. He was hilarious.

"It was like one big party. Leo Sayer was like 'next time I come on I want to be this...' They're coming up with their own characters. It's so nice to have people come on and be inspired by it."

As Foxtel's newest comedy-variety show, Reid is a fervent supporter of cable television taking risks with "new" talent.

"There's nobody out there putting money into production. I turn on the TV and it's shit. How many people can you have dancing? Dancing this, dancing that, Australian Idol. I take my hat off to Foxtel for investing in something, y'know?" she said.

"I think Australians should embrace it."

The Pam Ann Show airs Wednesdays 9:30pm on The Comedy Channel.

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