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Pam Returns to The Office

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Phew! Thank goodness Pam (Jenna Fischer) is back. I was starting to worry—the omnipresent cameraman at Dunder Mifflin Sabre hadn't even bothered to check in while she was on maternity leave! But that's neither here nor there. Last night on The Office, she made her triumphant return to the screen (hopefully with the help of a babysitter) and presumably brought the funny back with her. Here's why last night's episode, "Happy Hour," made me laugh.

1. Pam set Michael (Steve Carell) up with a woman who laughs at everything.
Why hasn't Michael found a giggly woman like this before? Julie (Laurie Naughton) was almost a perfect match for Michael, even if he ended up ditching her at the end.

2. Amy Pietz rocked as the bar manager.
Michael may have ditched his near-perfect match, but that's because he hit it off famously with the bar manager. (Will Pietz's character ever get a name?)

3. Oscar (Oscar Nunez) stepped up his game.
Wooing a gay store-room worker like Matt isn't easy—but it's hilarious to watch Oscar try to shoot hoops and drink beer straight from the bottle. At least Darryl (Craig Robinson) has his back. Or something.

4. Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) managed to be both hilarious and perverted.
Obscene thrusts in Andy (Ed Helms) and Erin's (Ellie Kemper) general direction? Making baby noises into Pam's chest? It's all part of Kevin's charm.

5. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) scored a Grade-A hottie with Isabel (Kelen Coleman).
I was all for the resurrection of Dwight and Angela's (Angela Kinsey) relationship—until I saw how hilarious Dwight and Isabel were together. I hope she sticks around, especially so that Angela can keep popping up and scaring the "F*@k!" out of them.

What did you think of the episode?

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