Paris Hilton Has Another Excuse

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... Paris Hilton was busted over the weekend for possession of cocaine, which is "one hell of a drug," according to Rick James. The waste of space was in Vegas doing whatever it is she does when the car she was in was pulled over for suspected DUI. Paris insists the purse containing the cocaine was not hers, her runny and bloody nose was someone else's, and that everything you see is actually a dream within a dream within a dream and that we're not really here at all. Whoa. [TMZ]

... The cast of Glee is fuming over lack of royalties from their number-one album. Star Corey Montieth told a radio station that he got 400 bucks from the album's success, which is essentially a drop in the overflowing bucket, the rest of the drops going directly in to the wallets of the record company execs. Welcome to show business, Corey. [NY Post]

... The Emmy Awards closed to mixed reviews last night, but still managed to pull in an almost identical rating to last year's ceremony. The broadcast drew 13.5 million viewers and a 4.1 rating among adults. Of course NBC included the stats from the second repeat airing on the West Coast (the show was live broadcast on both coasts and replayed in the West). [The Live Feed]

... This is how it's done, Lost fans. A theater in London is airing all 121 episodes of the ABC hit consecutively in an effort to break the world record for longest continuous cinema sitting. I'm assuming the marathon will be great for the airing of the first two seasons, then get a little weird by the third season, then things will get desperate and delirious by the final season, and then it will all be over just like that and attendees will wonder why they wasted their time watching. [The Sun]

... TWILIGHT NEWS! One of the dudes from the movie series, Jackson Rathbone, is joining the cast of ABC's No Ordinary Family as a potentially recurring character. Wait, his name is Jackson Rathbone? [EW]

... Jersey Shore has been sued by a Jersey woman who claims she was assaulted by the show's security. I have no idea if she's telling the truth or not, but I fully endorse any and all lawsuits against Jersey Shore. [Daily Record]

... In more news about people who need to die, the cast of The Real Housewives of New York is demanding more money. They're asking to be on par with the cast of Jersey Shore, who will make $30,000 an episode for Season Three. Currently, the Housewives make $4,000 an episode. That's about $3,999 more than they deserve. [NY Post]

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