Parker talks Sex movie

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For the legions of Sex in the City fans out there, the last few years have been tough. The HBO hit ended after six seasons in 2004, leaving its diehard Cosmopolitan-sipping viewers with no new avenue to get relationship advice or fashion sense.

A follow-up movie based on the four New York women has been rumored for some time now, with Kim Cattrall in December telling Star magazine that the project was still on. However, since then, mum has been the word on the project...until now.

The show's lead, Sarah Jessica Parker, made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight to promote her fashion line, but did drop a few details on the possible Sex and the City movie.

"As far as I know people creatively are on board [with the film]," said Parker. "I haven't heard anything to the contrary."

However, that doesn't mean that a movie is definitely going to happen.

"There so much to put together yet, it's a wonderful idea to ponder," she continued. "I'm honestly not being cagey for once and saying, 'It might happen.' But there's just so much that needs to come together. And it’s a really complicated affair to get the show up and running, even if it is for just a finite time."

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