Parks and Recreation: Watch April and Andy's Road Trip Webisodes (VIDEO)

In Thursday's Rapture-skewering episode of Park and Recreation, April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) set out on a road trip to visit the great hole in the ground known as the Grand Canyon. Seeing the famous landmark was just one of many items on Andy's ambitious "bucket list," which the couple decided to tackle in light of the potentially fast-approaching end of the world—and set out to check off such varied aspirations as "outrun a hippo" and "remake the movie called Shazam with Shaquille O'Neal where he plays a genie, and get it right." But though the episode ended with the newlyweds arriving at the famous landmark, we didn't get to see much of their actual trip—so much for that old saying about the journey versus the destination, eh?

But fear not! Parks and Recreation isn't above making some cash on the side by doing a little product placement in a series of webisodes. So in these four shorts, we get to see April and Andy hit the road. Along they way, they battle spiders, do some well-meaning lying, call Leslie to tell her they're taking a few day off, and decide to build a house in a place where they shouldn't be building a house. We'll forgive the show for selling out because a) more Parks and Recreation is always a good thing, b) the actual product isn't overtly thrown in our face, and c) now we know about that donkey at the Grand Canyon.


"Four Corners"

"Calling Leslie"

"Building a Home"

These webisodes were as slick and fun as the new Volkswagen Passat! Buy one today!

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