Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza Used to be an NBC Page

... And look at her now!

Here's an epic throwback to one of Arsenio Hall's more passionate episodes, courtesy of Aziz Ansari's blog.

Jerry Rice totally mentioned Dancing with the Stars in his NFL Hall of Fame speech.

According to TV Without Pity, this was the only memorable moment from last night's Teen Choice Awards.

Look! Christina Hendricks was on Undressed once!

In case you missed last night's Last Comic Standing finale, here's the big moment.


... Here are a couple old Fresh Air interviews with True Blood creator Alan Ball and star Anna Paquin.

... Glee's Mark Salling talked to Ryan Seacrest about—wait for it—his new album!

... Lost's Jorge Garcia is on the cover of Weezer's new album.

... These twelve theories about Lost have been circlin' the internets—and they might be better than the actual show.

... Portia de Rossi wants to be Portia DeGeneres.

... Can someone tell me why The Situation's new clothing line is not called Sitch's Stitches?

... Speaking of The Situation, here's an interview with his Asian counterpart.

... Check out this new web series called Pioneer One.

... io9 thinks you're going to be obsessed with the BBC's new show, Outcasts. Here are some exclusive photos.

... EW wants these folks to host Saturday Night Live—and we do too.

... Here's what your favorite TV reporters looked like in high school.

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Aug 11, 2010
Go Arsenio!!!
Aug 10, 2010
Teen choice awards.. dreadful tv at it's finest...
Aug 10, 2010
Can we drop the whole "here's how Lost should have ended" ? We've seen them all.