Pasqualino sad about leaving Skins

The 19-year-old has played skateboard fanatic Freddie Mclair in the third and fourth series of the E4 teen drama and has mixed feelings about leaving when the show moves on to follow another group of youngsters.

Luke said: "It feels weird actually, because Skins is the first TV job I'd ever done - this is kind of where it really started for me."

He added: "It's been such an amazing platform for me to help get where I am. But in a way I want to be able to get out of Skins and kind of move on and do better things, bigger and better, and just build up my career really.

"But on another note... I'm a bit upset to be leaving because you build up a little family on set and all of that kind of stuff. So yeah, a bit mixed for me."

Luke revealed his final series of Skins is action packed.

He said: "Freddie, he's got a lot more in store this season I think. In series three he had a lot on his plate but nowhere near as much as what he's got going on in series four. There's a point where Freddie hits an all-time high, he's on top of the world and stuff, but it goes straight back downhill shortly after, so his happiness is short-lived, let's put it that way."

Luke's Skins predecessors include Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult, who's up for a Bafta Orange Rising Star Award this year.

:: Skins series four starts on E4 at 10pm on January 28.

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