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Past Life Has No Life

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... You know that show Past Life? The Fox drama about investigators solving mysteries by delving into peoples' past lives? Right, it just began airing less than two weeks ago. Yeah, that one. Well, it looks like it's been canceled. Already. [The Live Feed]

... The CW is remaking La Femme Nikita, because there can never be enough remakes for producer McG. They're also re-imagining the lead role, and casting Hong Kong action-star Maggie Q. You probably are familiar with her as the chick in the third Mission Impossible movie. Or as that chick with the funny last name. [THR]

... Steven Seagal, who can crush your esophagus with a flick of his pinky, will continue to let cameras follow him around as he acts as Sheriff in Louisiana. Steven Seagal: Lawman has been picked up for a second season, and we're okay with that because the show is an awesome combination of bad-assery and lunatic ramblings. [THR]

... TWILIGHT NEWS! Rachelle Lefevre, who is apparently someone from the Twilight movies, has joined the cast of CBS' newest medical drama pilot (which comes from ER producer John Wells). The show also features Amy Smart, and if getting hurt meant that Amy and Rachelle would come to my rescue and give me mouth-to-mouth, then find me a nice ledge that's about ankle-shattering high. [EW]

... Semi-spoilery: Bones' Booth and Brennan, television's most sexually frustrating non-couple, may finally release the tension in a sheets-gripping, toe-curling tryst this season. Producer Stephen Nathan all but says it will happen while failing miserably to try and act coy. And no, it won't be a dream sequence. [EW]

... Kristin Kreuk, who some judge says I'm not allowed to be within 100 yards of, may be headed to Fringe for a guest appearance. She's up for a spot in the upcoming episode "Northwest Passage." No details on her role. [CinemaSpy]

... Last night, American Idol wasn't the most-watched program in its timeslot for the first time in six years. And it wasn't even close. NBC's crummy broadcast of the Winter Olympics CRUSHED Idol, 30.1 million viewers to 18.4 million viewers. Somewhere, Simon Cowell is crying atop his pile of money. [TV By The Numbers]

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