Paul Giamatti and David Hyde Pierce will perform cartoon Head

An animated series adapted from an award-winning comic book is heading to the Sci-Fi Channel. Amazing Screw-On Head details the adventures of a heroic robot secret agent who works for the US government and fights nefarious villains by unscrewing his head and screwing it onto the bodies of various people. The half-hour animated series is based on the comic book created by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

Also signed up to perform voices are David Hyde Pierce, late of Frasier, who will play the part of Emperor Zombie, Amazing's archnemesis and former servant. Molly Shannon of SNL fame is on board as the voice of the vampire Patience, and Patton Oswalt from The King of Queens will play the delightfully named Groin. Austin Powers alum Mindy Sterling plays zombie henchwomen Geraldine and Aggie.

Heads off to the Sci-Fi Network!

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Jul 01, 2005
I guess old sketch comics never die, they just fade away to cartoons....

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