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Paula Abdul not drunk or stoned

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Don't believe your eyes--everything is A-OK with Paula Abdul.

Last week, entertainment news shows and Web sites were buzzing about videos of Abdul on various news and talk shows, acting erratically and slurring her words. Video clips on YouTube--which have since been removed--showed Abdul appearing to fall asleep while in the midst of an interview.

Now, Abdul is trying to set the record straight.

"I've never been drunk," she told The New York Times. "I'm not under the influence of anything. The first five years [of Idol] no one said anything about how I behaved or how I talked."

Last year, Abdul drew notice for appearing disoriented on several episodes of the show. The "Forever Your Girl" singer began making esoteric comments on-air during Idol, and reports surfaced that she was taking prescription medication and had showed up late to work several times.

In March of last year, Abdul drew criticism after she breached Burbank airport security and snuck onto a Southwest Airlines flight.

This time out, Abdul says she was fatigued doing so many TV spots. Confusion arose during the TV interviews because she had audio feeds from two separate TV stations coming into her earpiece.

"I didn't know I had two studios in my ear. I wish it were a better story, but that's it."

Idol returned last week with its sixth season premiere. The two-night, four-hour event scored huge numbers--the Sunday-night episode earned some of the highest ratings the show has ever seen, second only to the show's season-three finale. Abdul is slated to star in her own Bravo reality show, titled Hey, Paula.

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