Pee-wee Herman Is Returning to the Big Screen

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... What's old will be new again, as creepy children's show host Pee-Wee Herman might be coming back to the movies. Comedy mastermind Judd Apatow is developing a brand-new Pee-Wee Herman movie with actor and Pee-Wee portrayer (and pee-pee fondler) Paul Reubens. The movie sounds like it's going back to the roots of the excellent Pee-wee's Big Adventure, with a road trip that leads to "a gigantic adventure." Pee-Wee has enjoyed a bit of a revival lately with a stage show in Los Angeles and hipsters' insatiable appetites for anything vintage, dude. [Variety]

... But wait! There's more Judd Apatow news! IFC, the master of repurposing old series for its own financial gain, has done it again! The cable network has added two of Apatow's best projects to its lineup: Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. Freaks, considered a TV classic, premieres July 2, and Undeclared will bow in the fall. Seriously, set your DVRs now. You can thank me later with a generous donation to my PayPal account. [IFC via press release]

... Now for the bad news. One of the Kardashian klowns will reportedly get another undeserved show. Khloe and husband Lamar Odom (a former Los Angeles Clipper) are set to be the subjects of a new E! show, in which we will watch them get paid for living their day-to-day lives and doing nothing of importance. E! hasn't confirmed the report, but rumor has it that the network might change its name to the Kardashian Channel. In other news, can we just go ahead and admit that we have failed as a society? [NY Post]

... Speaking of failures, here's some Denise Richards news! D-Nice is returning to television via Spike TV's atrocious Blue Mountain State. The crazy bat will play the ex-wife of the show's football coach, but who cares because does anyone really watch this show besides the creator's mom? [US Magazine]

... Chris Brown is working on repairing his image after he beat the bejeezus out of ex-girlfriend Rihanna. And somehow people are falling for his new act. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you guys? The guy punched his girlfriend in the face and now some people are saying "oh, but he's so talented, let's just forget about it!" Anyway, one of the things he did to fix his image is cry like a girl during a Michael Jackson tribute. And someone says it was all fake and that he used eye drops to induce tears. Who am I going to believe, the possibly fake anonymous witness who probably doesn't even exist or the pop star? Yup, witness. [US Magazine]

... Larry King retired and wants Ryan Seacrest to take over his chair (which will require the addition of a kiddie booster seat. That one's for you, Joel McHale!). But CNN apparently has other ideas, and is interviewing people on its own. Among those listed as possible candidates are Piers Morgan, Katie Couric, and me (I declined), but CNN has thrown another person into the mix: The View's Joy Behar. Seriously. [Deadline Hollywood]

... And for the one person out there who demanded an Ice Road Truckers movie, congratulations. You'll only have to go see it about 3 million times for the flick to break even. [Deadline Hollywood]

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