Person of Interest: The Way of the Samu-Reese

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Person of Interest S01E14: "Wolf and Cub"

(Attention, my POI peeps! This is going to be abbreviated as I'm on vacation today! I'll be back in full force next week!)

Person of Interest channeled The Professional last night with "Wolf and Cub," a mentor-student story featuring Reese as the wise old man who shoots people with beanbags, and a young boy seeking revenge for the murder of his brother. There was also a bit more unveiled about Finch's past, especially a really funny photo of young Michael Emerson, lady killer.

This week's number belonged to a 14-year-old kid named Darren, played by some tot named after the dog from The Jetsons and who was apparently on some reality competition show. And you know what? He wasn't that bad! But instead of giving us a drawn-out quandary of "Is he the victim or the perp?" the episode quickly revealed that he was both. Darren wanted to kill the thug who shot his older bro and pulled a gun on him, but the thug wasn't too keen on being threatened and wanted the kid dead. So Reese stepped in to stop the violence, and in a different take on the show's premise, Reese took Darren under his wing to teach him a few things about catching bad guys.

I'm a bit unsure of how I feel about the idea of Reese letting a teen tag along with him to learn the ins and outs of Reese's handiwork. Personally, I like my Reese as a lone wolf or paired with Finch, not baby-sitting some punk who thinks the code of the streets is based on who pulls the trigger first. But there were some good moments between the two, particularly when Darren repeatedly referred to Reese as a Ronin (a samurai without a boss), and things never got as annoying as they could have. It brought out a softer side of Reese, showing that he truly does care for the welfare of others and is willing to put himself out to ensure they can move on with their lives. This story felt less like a job for him and more of a favor.

Ultimately, though, if I had my way I'd like to never see Reese do something like this again. Don't go soft on us yet, Reese! Stay mysterious! Only talk to people when you have a zing-y one-liner in the chamber, and please, do not start handing out tips on Reese-style ass-kicking.

We also got some more deets on Finch. First, he's a fan of birds. Prior to his life as Harold Finch, he went by the name of Harold Wren back at MIT, which is where he met Nathan Ingram. New nickname for Harold: The Birdman. Will Ingram, Nathan's son, is getting closer to learning the truth about his father, and so are we... sort of. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty confused about what really happened between Nathan and the government. The fact that Will is inching close to the truth doesn't appear to sit well with Harold, whose name terrified the government agent who was trying to buy the Machine from Nathan. Something very fishy is going on with this Harold guy.

But now let's talk about what really mattered in the episode: Reese's AWESOME gun. Wow! That was probably my favorite gun Reese has used all season. Night-vision pump-action beanbag-busting super-assault shotgun? I'm going on to buy one of those right now.

Overall, not my favorite episode of Person of Interest, mostly because I don't like to see Reese get all parental and caring on us. What did you think?


– That was Malik Yoba from Syfy's Alphas playing Andre and channeling his inner Stringer Bell. Nice to see him working in the off-season. (Side note, if you like Person of Interest, you should give Alphas a shot. It's shockingly good.)

– Will I ever get tired of Reese dumping booze all over a guy and handing him over to the cops? Answer: No.

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